Basic elements of the custom content order form

Let your writers know exactly what you are looking for with our short and simple custom content order form.

Let's take a look at some of the basic elements needed for all orders. 

Job ID 

This is an optional field designed just for you to help keep your content organized. You can enter an ID here to label the content based on things such as marketing campaign, or client.

Job ID Field Screen Shot


TIP: Creating a standard naming convention can help you keep this easy to read and find content quickly later. For example: November | [Product Name] | New Customer Nurturing 

You can filter your existing assignments based on part or all of this ID to see content grouped together. 



Industry and Industry Segment

Let your writers know what industry and industry segment your content should be focused on.

Industry and Segment Screen Shot


TIP: For many customers this information is the same for every order. You can select this as a preset for your order form by updating this in your Settings and Preferences page of your Account Menu or have this field auto fill for you as a part of a content template.  

Type of Assignment


Next choose the type of assignment that you would like created. We offer a range of assignment types including but not limited to: 

  • SEO Content
  • Blogs
  • E-guides
  • Emails

Each assignment type has its own format and style nuances. You can review a full list of assignment descriptions here. 

Tip: For those who are seeking an SEO focus for blog type content we recommend you choose SEO Content as this will allow you to designate key words more specifically.

Minimum # of Words Needed

Minimum number of words field screen shot

Select the minimum word count you would like your writer to provide on this topic.

Note that the cost of your blog is determined by the minimum number of words that you select. If your writer goes over this count you will not be charged additional credits unless we have your prior approval. 

If your writer has questions about your word count, or feels that it is not a match for the instructions provided you will be notified. 

If you have a maximum word count that you need your writer to adhere to, please specify this in your instructions. 

Topic Area: 

Topic Area Field Screen Shot

Your Topic Area is your working job title. This should reflect the overall topic you wish the article to cover in a quick sentence. 

Who is Your Audience?

Who is your audience field screen shot

Please provide a few words summarizing the audience you wish your writers to target. For example "CIOs in the technology industry" or "Stay at home moms between the age of 20-35". Your writers will also have this information in your Voice Profile but this can help them dial in more specifically. 

Apply a Voice Profile

Apply a voice profile field screen shot

Choose which Voice Profile you wish your writer to follow for this article. 

Tip: If you will be using the same Voice Profile for every assignment this can be designated to auto fill for you by updating this on the Setting and Preferences page of your Account menu or by creating a content template