Guide to Writing Meta Tags

Content marketing is more than just creating excellent content. It's about providing your audience with valuable and useful information and helping them find your content. Even the best product will never find its buyer if it remains in the warehouse

Meta tags can help searchers understand what exactly your content is about and increase the click rate.

Here’s how the metadata you add to your assignments will appear in search results:

The keyword typed into the search bar will be bolded in the meta description.

Though meta description is not an official SEO ranking parameter, it can improve the rating by increasing the number of clicks. It's important to remember that you’re writing the meta title and description for the readers, not for the search engines, so keep it readable and engaging.

What metadata should be added to my assignments on Tempesta Media?

For every assignment on Tempesta Media, you will need to add:

  • An SEO focus keyword phrase

This is the main topic of your article or a query searchers are likely to type into the search bar to find your content. Sometimes the assignment instructions will include the keywords you should use and the number of times you need to include them. 

  • A meta title

This is a condensed article title, limited to 55 characters. It's also recommended to use the keyword here. The meta title can be the same as the article title if it fits the character limit.

  • A meta description

This is the chunk of text that will be displayed below the meta title on a search engine results page. It needs to be between 150 and 160 characters and include the focus keyword phrase.


GOOD: With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to plan your holiday budget. Here are five tips to help you stay frugal and festive.

  • Complete sentences.
  • Quick and concise.

BAD: holiday budget importance and how you can get one OR The holidays are a fun time to get together with family and eat good food.

  • Incomplete thought
  • Confusing and/or not representative of the article’s topic.

Here are the best practices Google advises writers to use and an explanation from Matt Cutts, the former head of search quality at Google, about search results snippets (audio quality is poor, but that doesn't make the information less useful).

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