How can I add licensed images?

Tempesta Media allows you to add licensed images to your posts. When these are activated, you’re able to either choose or have your writer choose images that are relevant to your content.

These images are licensed to you and include all of the image data relevant to search engines.

Activating the Licensed Images Add-On

Depending on your subscription, you may already have licensed images activated. If you’re unable to add licensed images to your orders, contact a Tempesta Media representative and they will add it to your account. If your subscription doesn’t come with licensed images, then you can add it for $99 per month.

Adding Licensed Images to Your Orders

When you’re ordering your content, you’ll see a checkbox at the bottom of the order form that asks whether you would like to add licensed images to your posts. 


You can either find images on your own or let the writer know what kind of images you’re looking for in the instructions.