How can I manage the readability level of the text?

If your text does not match the customer’s preferences, refer to the short suggestions on the left part of the screen. To give you a quick rundown, let’s see what makes an article easy to read.

Text with a high readability level (easy to read)

Easy-to-read texts will:

  • Have short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Include shorter words.
  • Use active voice.

How can I increase the readability level (make the text easier to read)?

If your text is too difficult to read, try to:

  • Divide long sentences. Avoid excessive compound and complex sentences.
  • Divide paragraphs. Stick to 2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Change long words to shorter synonyms. Use words with 1-3 syllables.
  • Identify passive voice and rearrange the sentence to be in active voice.


    • Change from this: Matching your text complexity to the customer’s audience readability preferences is important because it increases the chance that your message will be delivered to the right people.
  • To this: Matching your text to the correct readability level is vital. It increases the chance that the right people will get your message.
  • What happened: 
    • One sentence became two.
    • Shorter and simpler words replaced longer and/or more complex words.
    • Active voice replaced passive voice.

Now, what if your article is too easy to read?

Text with a low readability level (hard to read)

More difficult texts will:

  • Use more advanced and technical terms. 
  • Have long sentences and paragraphs.

How can I lower the readability level (make the text more complex and harder to read)?

  • Replace simple words. Use a more complex synonym.
  • Combine short sentences. Minimize simple sentences altogether. Lean more on complex and longer compound sentences.
  • Write longer paragraphs. Try 3-5 sentences.


  • Change from this: On the left side of your screen near the text box, you'll see whether your article matches their chosen level. When you edit your text on the content submission page, the score will be instantly updated to reflect your changes.
  • To this: On the left-hand side of your screen near the text box, you'll see whether your article matches the customer’s chosen level, and when you modify your text on the content submission page, the readability score will be immediately updated to register your changes.
  • What happened:
    • Two sentences became one.
    • More words were added to be more descriptive.
    • Longer and more complex words replaced simpler and/or shorter words.

Important note: When making changes for readability (either increasing or decreasing), the goal is to ensure the meaning of the sentence stays the same. While it may sound or look a little different, the important thing is that readers will still understand the concept behind the sentence(s).