How do I set the readability preference for my target audience?

You should define the readability preference according to your buyer persona’s education level.

Overly simple and overly complicated content will not serve your customers, so don’t set your readability range too wide. We recommend targeting your content to a maximum of two education level ranges. 

In order to adjust the readability preferences, you should:

  1. Go to your Account -> Settings & Preferences page in your Tempesta Media account.
  2. Use the slider bar in the Readability Level section to adjust your preference.
  3. Hit the Save button.


All assignments released from this point (even if created and/or scheduled earlier) will be updatedalready be created according to your preference.

Content creators will be aware of the preference and will have a live readability check while they are creating the content.

Log in to your account to adjust your preferred readability level.