How do I write a good audition article?

Because auditions are usually only 300 words, every word counts.

The three most important items that a customer looks for in an audition are: 

  1. Industry expertise.
  2. A writing style that matches their company brand and the audience they wish to reach.
  3. An understanding of their services/products.

How do I improve my chances of nailing the audition?

  1. Research the customer

    This is very important. Customers like to see that their writers know their company and what their goals and values are. Remember that you're creating ghost-written content, so your words should sound like the company is saying them.

  2. Review and adhere to the Voice Profile

    Each customer has a Voice Profile, which acts as their style guide. This document includes a lot of great information, including the company’s summary, product focuses, audience details, and style preferences. Here is where you will learn how to transform your writing style to best fit their needs.
  3. Be attentive to the assignment instructions

    Instructions for the auditions are usually brief, so it's important to cover the specifics of the topic and relate the idea to the customer's service or product when applicable.

    Understanding the assignment instructions
  4. Follow the standard blog formatting and structure

    Even though the auditions are short, the article should still have an opening, body, conclusion, and headers.

    How to write a good blog post?
  5. Write for the audience

    Always make sure that you pay close attention to the audience the customer has specified in their Voice Profile. The information you provide should be tailored to match this audience. For example, if the customer lists professional-level engineers as their target, then your audition should include technical details that an engineer would be expected to understand and find valuable. You would avoid any entry-level definitions and generalized statements. Alternatively, if the audience for a financial customer is listed as those new to the market, you would lean heavily on educating readers in the common terms they need to know. 

  6. Optimize your article for skim-reading

    Even though these are short pieces, the customer will look for the structure they would see in a larger blog. One suggestion is to use numbered and bulleted lists. This saves word count and helps add more value for the reader while creating organization and flow.

  7. Show off your experience and expertise

    We vet only the top writers with unique experience, so if you receive an audition assignment, it means that you have deep knowledge of the topic.

    Let it shine!