How to Archive Completed Content 

Once your content is approved and published we recommend archiving it so that you can always see at a glance what content you are still actively working on.

We have made this easy by adding two tabs to the top of the page: “Active Assignments” and “Archived Assignments”


There are two ways to move an assignment from the “Active Assignments” tab: 

  1.  Choose “Archive” from the “Action” drop down beside the assignment you wish to move. 


  2.    Check the checkbox found just after the Auto-Approve Date column and then select the “Move to” button from the bottom of the page. With this method, you can archive several assignments at once simply by checking the box for each one. 


Move assignments from "Archived" to "Active" 

The process to move assignments back to Active is very similar. 

Go to the “Archived Assignments” tab and there are two ways to complete either of the same processes in reverse. 

  1. Choose “Unarchive” from the drop-down menu.


  2.    Check the checkbox just after the “Action” button and then select the “Active Tab” from the "Move to" drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.