How To Create and Use Content Templates

Content Templates make ordering content even easier by letting you create templates for commonly ordered content types. Allowing your content to be ordered smoothly and quickly.

It’s important to ensure that your content is formatted in a way that is best for audience engagement. Content Templates help streamline your content ordering process so you can spend your time on more valuable items while ensuring your content is formatted and ordered correctly.

Creating and Using Content Templates

Content templates can be added two ways, either directly from your Custom Content order form while placing an order, or under your "Manage" menu and choosing "Content Templates".

Let's take a quick look at how to add them using either method. 

Add Template From Custom Content Order Form

While placing a Custom Content order you can turn that order directly into a template with just a few clicks. 

Just below the Assignment Instructions text box you will find a check box called "Save Assignment as a Template". Selecting this box will open up a new text box allowing you to easily name the template for future reference.  

Custom Content Order form - Save as Template option

Your new template will be created as soon as you submit your order. 

Create Template From Manage Menu

To create a content template without placing a content order, go to “Manage” and “Content Templates”. Once you are on this page, click “Add New”. 

Manage Content Templates Screen Shot

You will find a form that is very similar to the custom content order form. Fill this page out with items that will be needed for every content order of this type. Add documents, set word counts, and anything else that applies. Once you are done, click “Save”.

Using Content Templates

Next time you need to order content of this type, click “Content Templates” and choose the template that you created.


This will apply the template to your content order. Just fill in any additional information specific to that article and order the content! Click here to read what the optimal format for your content should be!

Edit Existing Content Templates

Updating an existing template is easy. Simply go to your "Manage" and choose "Content Templates". Then select the template you wish to edit by selecting the pen icon next to the template name. 

Manage Content Templates Screen Shot 2

When all of your changes are made, don't forget to select "Save" from the bottom of your screen to save your changes. 

Case Example

For this example, we will be looking at one of the content templates that Tempesta Media uses to order its content. Below you will see the content template that we use to order blogs.



Since all of our blog content falls under the same industry and industry segment, the content template is set to “Sales and Marketing” and “Digital Marketing”. Therefore, when the template is applied, we do not have to change this option.

Type Of Content

This is the template for our blog posts, so that is what the type of content is set to. You could have a template for your e-guides, emails, and any other content types!

Minimum # of Words

This section makes it easy to ensure that all of your content types ordered with this template are the same word count.

Voice Profile

This allows you to ensure that the same voice profile is used for all of the content ordered with this template.

Instructions and Attachments

This allows you to add instructions and attachments that will appear every time the template is applied. 

You will see below what our template looks like now that it has been applied to the order form.


Any changes can be made to the order before you submit it. You can also edit the content templates whenever needed.