How To Download Completed Content

Tempesta Media makes it quick and easy to download any content in four commonly used formats.

To start, go to the "Manage" and "Manage Assignments" tabs in your account. Then direct your attention to the download formats section on the right-hand side.

Download selected completed assignments

To download certain assignments, click the box inline with the format you would like to download the content in. See the image below for an example.


Once you've chosen the format, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Download Content." 


Your content will load as a .Zip file onto your computer. Just open it and view your content!

Download all content

To download all of your content that you see on the screen, simply scroll to the bottom and select "Download All." Then indicate what format you would like and click "Download Content." Your article will appear as a .Zip file on your computer. Open it and view your content from there.


Download active content to review

To download content that's still awaiting your review, click "Action" and "Review Assignment" to open the article. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "Tools" and choose what content format you would like to download the article in.


This action makes it easy to send a document to your team to redline and then upload the redlines as an attachment when sending the article back for revision.