How would the readability check improve my content?

It is important to create content that is interesting and informative, but not too difficult

By identifying a readability level that speaks to the complexity of your content (and the knowledge of your readers), you can build your audience’s loyalty and improve your website’s SEO score.

Hitting your audience readability preferences will:

  • Assure your content is interesting but still easy to read.
  • Increase the click-through rate and time on page.
  • Lower the bounce rate.
  • Improve your SEO score.
  • Make sure all your content is consistent and matches your Voice Profile™. 
  • Increase your content visibility and deliver your message.

Why is readability important?

Matching your text complexity to audience readability preferences is important because it increases the chance that your article will be read and you will be able to deliver your message. 

People tend to quit reading text that is too difficult because it takes too much time to actually understand the information. On the other hand, if your text is too simple, it will undermine readers’ authority, and they will not trust the expertise level. 

What is a good readability level?

There is no such thing as a universally good readability level. One audience may perceive text well while other readers find it too difficult to read. It’s important to set a determined range for your content to make sure it matches your audience and your purposes.

Hint: If you’re wanting short content (under 1,000 words) but deep expertise, a higher readability level will be difficult to achieve. The higher the readability level is, the shorter words writers will have to use, thus increasing the word count. Additionally, deep expertise usually appeals to a more experienced audience, so a lower readability score would suit their education level better.