Tempesta Media offers many different integrations that allow you to use our platform as a cornerstone in all of your content marketing efforts.

Using Tempesta Media as an extension of your Digital Marketing team allows you to spend your valuable time on growing your company. You can view your integrations here.

Google Analytics

Being able to track your content metrics is crucial for every single digital marketing endeavor. Failing to have this insight can be detrimental when it comes to learning and optimizing your content to perform the best that it possibly can.

Integrating your Google Analytics gives you the ability to see all of your important insights from the “Content Analytics” tab on your dashboard. This provides you easy access vital metrics such as:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Organic Searches
  • Average Session Durations
  • New Users

These metrics are crucial when it comes to optimizing your content for SEO. Additionally, it gives your Customer Success Manager your insights to better make recommendations and optimize your program with Tempesta Media.

This means that depending on your subscription level, you can get additional insights and suggestions from our SEO experts. 


WordPress and HubSpot

Creating content is just Step 1. Step 2 is publishing this content and putting it to work for your marketing program. Tempesta Media has integrated with WordPress and HubSpot to make publishing your content even easier.  

By integrating WordPress or HubSpot into your Tempesta Media Dashboard you can instantly publish your content as a draft onto your website.

From there all you have to do is review the draft and post your blog, making for consistent and quality content that search engines love.


Social Media

Tempesta Media allows you to integrate your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to our platform. This allows you to order and schedule three types of social media posts to your website:

  1. Posts written by you and your team.
  2. Posts ordered in bulk written by our experts.
  3. Posts ordered with articles optimized for promoting that article.

Having full control and visibility of your social media is essential to a successful content marketing campaign. Once your content has been posted, everyone on your team is notified via email. The email contains a link to the post so you and your team can easily click, review and promote your content. 


Content marketing and search engine optimization don’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or confusing. The ability to consistently post quality content onto your website and social media that is optimized specifically for your company's marketing goals does not have to be exclusive to large corporations.

Content marketing in this age is more important than ever. Therefore, ensuring that you are using Tempesta Media to its fullest potential is just as important.