Live Readability Check Feature

You are able to set a preferred readability level for your assignments, and the Tempesta Media algorithm will automatically check your content to ensure it matches the rule.

You can choose the preferred readability range in your Tempesta Media account to match your audience, and all the content created after setting this preference will match this range. Your content will then better align with your audience and improve your content performance.

What is a readability level?

Readability is the score that indicates how easily your readers will understand and digest content. There are several ways to calculate readability, but the most common is to estimate how many years of education a reader should have to be able to understand your content. 

What readability score does Tempesta Media use?

How would the readability check improve my content?

How do I set the readability preference for my target audience?

What subscription levels support the readability check?

This feature is available to all Tempesta Media customers, regardless of subscription level.

How can I enable the readability check feature?

We will automatically enable the readability check for all customers. The default setting is 50-60, which correlates with a 10th-grade education level or higher.

This means your content will be “fairly difficult to read,” a level perceivable by most educated Americans. You can adjust the preference in your account at any time. 

If you’re looking for consistency in your content voice, it is important for content creators to use the same guidelines each time. We improved our platform to better follow your unique Voice ProfileTM and make sure the writers hit the target audience in every assignment. 

The automatic readability check feature allows you to automate this preference. You can simply choose the text complexity level, and your content creators will receive hints and tips on how to achieve that level while creating your content. This feature will also help to reduce the amount of editing and simplify the content creation process for all parties.