Creating Effective Assignment Instructions

Achieve great content results by providing your writers with clear direction and an understanding of your vision.

As with any important project having clear goals and objectives are key. Your writers are no different, so we have made it as simple and flexible as possible to provide your writer with everything they need to create that perfect piece of content. 

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What information should I provide? 

Every set of assignment instructions will be different, because your goal for the piece and your needs will always change. However, there is some basic information that you should always include, to make sure that your writer understands your request: 

  • Goal or purpose for your content - Are you looking to drive leads or educate your audience on a new feature? Is this a sales brochure designed for an upcoming event?  
  • Short summary or thesis - Every topic can be interpreted in a number of ways. To make sure that the writer captures your vision for the topic, a short summary of the direction you have in mind is very helpful. 
  • 2-3 primary key points - Your writer will use their knowledge of the industry to expand on the topic for you, but these key points should cover any vital points that have to be there for you to be satisfied with the resulting content.
  • Resources - You may not always have sources or reference information in mind, but if you do, always make sure to include them. 

Tip: Additional tips and suggestions can be found from our Assignment Best Practices Template. This template can also be completed for each assignment and then uploaded as an attachment if that is easier for you. 

Attach Additional Files 

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To add additional resources and information on your topic you can add up to 10 files by selecting “Browse File” and choosing the file you wish to attach.

“Add file” will allow you to add additional file slots. 

The following file types are accepted: Word, PNG, JPG, PDF, PPT, TXT, XLS, CSV. Up to 10 megabytes maximum per attachment. 


Tip: If you find yourself attaching the same file to each assignment consider creating a content template so that these files can be attached automatically for you.