Review/Update Instructions for Each Assignment

If you need to review the instructions that were provided to the writer for any given assignment, these can also be found on your Manage Assignments page. 

Simply click on the title of the assignment you wish to review. 


This will take you to the Assignment Details page.



The top portion of this page looks very similar to the Custom Content Order form. Towards the bottom you will find the “Client Instructions” text box, where your instructions will appear. 


Changes can be made to the assignment instructions until the time that the assignment is released to your writer.

Content Statuses where changes can be made:

  • Created Awaiting Approval
  • Delayed Funding
  • Scheduled

Content Statuses where changes CANNOT be made: 

  • Assigned
  • Internal Review
  • Awaiting your Review
  • Completed

If your assignment has been recently “Assigned” and you need to make last minute changes, please reach out to Customer Support or your Customer Success Manager. We can verify with the writer if they have already started work on the assignment, and if not we can let them know of the changes for you.