Revising and Approving Articles

Sending your article back for revisions not only helps you get content you’re completely happy with, but also helps your writers better understand exactly what your voice and style are.

It’s important to keep in mind that when a new writer joins your team, their first few articles may need more revisions than your regular content. This adjustment period leads to you having a team of writers who are fully accustomed to your content, voice, and style!

There are two primary ways to submit revision requests: 

We will also discuss: 

  • 7 day revision and approval window
  • How to approve content and provide feedback

Making edits and comments directly on screen

With the article page open, review the article in full and highlight the icon shown in the image below to open the comments box. Use your mouse to highlight the sections that need to be revised, type out your comment and click “Save” to save your comment for the writer. If the comment is about the content overall, highlight any section at the beginning of the article.



Once you have made all of your comments, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to ensure all comments are saved. Then click “Send Back For Revisions” and "Submit Above Changes.”



The article will be sent back for revision and returned to you shortly!

Submitting Redlined Documents for Revision

If you prefer to download the document and make changes shown in red n Microsoft Word, you can learn how to download content here. Once you’ve completed your editing, click “Send Back For Revisions” and “Upload Redlined Draft.”



Seven Day Revision and Approval Window

Although you have unlimited revisions, keep in mind that there's a seven day period before the article auto approves. For example, you have seven days to approve or revise the content when it’s first sent to you, so you review your content a few days after receiving it and send it back for revisions. Once you receive the next draft of the content, you have another seven days to approve or revise it.

Read about how you can extend this auto-approval period here

To see all of your assignments, go to “Manage” > “Manage Assignments”. The assignments marked “Awaiting Your Review” are the ones that are ready to be reviewed. By looking at the date next to the “Action” box, you can see the date when your content will auto-approve.


Approving Content and Giving Feedback

Once you have the article open and decide to approve it, click “Approve Content” to give your writer the feedback they need!


A box will appear that allows you to rate the content and give feedback.


Here is a quick guide on providing writer feedback: 

1 Content is unusable and contains several of the following issues: Complete miss for the audience, complete miss for topic, gross miss information or plagiarism. This is grounds for immediate removal from the team. 
2 Content is unusable because it was a miss for audience or topic.   
3 Content was usable only after several rounds of revision and potentially a rejected previous version. 
4 Content was usable but the topic was slightly off after several rounds of revision. 
5 Content was on topic however it did not hit any of the provided key points or address the audience requested OR turn around time was unacceptable. 
6 Content was on topic however several key points were missing or audience was missed OR it took multiple rounds of revisions to achieve a solid match for audience and topic OR turn around time was unacceptable. 
7 Content was an OK match for either Topic OR Audience however needed significant edits to correct. 
8 Content is a fair match for topic OR audience however it required some edits and potentially one round of revision to be ready to publish. OR Content was a solid or perfect match but the turn around time was longer than anticipated
9 Content is a solid match for topic, and audience. It requires very minor edits to be ready to publish.  
10 Content is a perfect match for topic and audience. It requires no edits to be ready to publish. 


Content quality is our highest priority, which is why we provide you with unlimited revisions for every piece of content.

If, during approval, you feel inclined to assign a score of 5 or below, we encourage you instead to work with Customer Success to revise or to rewrite the article.