See Estimated Completion and Auto-Approval Dates

See Estimated Completion Date

Your estimated completion date tells you when, based on our standard turnaround time of five to seven business days, your content should be ready for review. 


Note: For content in the “Scheduled” status this date can be changed as needed. From the “Action” drop-down select “Change” and then simply update the date. 


Confirm Auto-Approval Date for Content Awaiting Your Review

When a draft of your content is ready for your review, you have seven days to provide feedback or request revisions. At 11:30 pm ET on the seventh day, your assignment will automatically approve. 

Because writers are paid based on the successful approval of their assignments, this feature ensures that they are paid in a timely manner. 

If seven days is not enough time, you can choose to activate our 14-day extension option.  

Regardless of which time frame you have enabled, you can always see the date on which your assignment is scheduled to auto-approve from your Manage Assignments page by locating that assignment line item and checking the “Auto-Approve Date” column as shown below. 


As shown here, the Auto-Approval date will only show when an assignment is in the Awaiting Your Review status. For all other statuses, such as the Internal Review status shown here, you will see “N/A”.