Simple Social Share FAQs

Keeping your social media platforms right at your fingertips.

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How do I connect my social media platforms?

You can connect your social media accounts by using the Integrations tab in the Account

menu. Click on the Connect button beside the platform you would like to integrate. 

Integration Connect Button Screenshot

Then follow the login in instructions for that platform.

integrations Auxillary instructions screen shot


How do I order a social media post?

There are now multiple ways in which you can order social media posts.

  1. Add Social Posts directly to Custom Content Orders.
  2. Order Content Curation or stand-alone social media posts by navigating to the Order menu and clicking on Social Media.

Social Media Post Add On ScreenShot

Can I have more than one account connected per platform (e.g., business and personal accounts on LinkedIn)?

Currently, you can connect one account per social media network. Our next release will

include the ability to connect multiple accounts per social network. This enhanced feature

will be available for Enterprise and higher platform subscribers.


You can also schedule stand alone social posts directly from the platform. By choosing Order => Social Media => Schedule Post. Then complete the simple form and choose to schedule the post or publish immediately. 

Schedule Social Post form

How often can I post?

Currently, outside of each social network’s individual limitations, Tempesta Media has no

limits on the number of social posts that you can schedule and publish.

Even so, we recommend sticking to optimal posting frequencies for maximum performance

and ROI.

Can I schedule a post when I approve a blog (custom content)?

Yes. A social post can be scheduled after you approve your content. Keep in mind that if the

social post is associated with a content order, it will not publish to the social networks until

you have published the blog or other content on your website.

This is what we call conditional publishing, and we put it in place to ensure that your social

posts are not published with broken links.

Can I schedule posts with my content in an editorial calendar?

Yes, you can. Your dashboard editorial calendar is dynamic. When you click on a future date,

a submenu will appear, prompting you to select a social post that you wish to schedule. Also, you have the ability to create your own social post on that date, too.

Can I add a picture to my post?
When you use links within your post to other sources that have images, the image in that source will be used and shown within your post on social networks.
You can also upload your images when you publish or schedule a post.

LinkedIn: Files must be 10MB or smaller in size. Supported image types: JPEG, PNG, GIF.
Facebook: Files must be 4MB or smaller in size. Supported image types: PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF for PNG files. Try to keep the file size below 1MB. PNG files larger than 1MB may appear pixelated after upload.
Twitter: You may attach up to 4 photos OR 1 animated GIF. Supported image types: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP. Image sizes can be up to 5MB and animated GIFs up to 15MB.

How do I change or cancel a scheduled social media post?

You can update your post by opening it. You can open the post both through the editorial

calendar and the Manage Assignments area. Once your post is selected, you can make the

required changes, and then press the Update Post button at the bottom of the page.