What to Do if I Received a Revision Request

Editors and customers can send your articles back to you for revision. The most common reasons articles are sent for revision are: 

  • The key points are missing or are not covered thoroughly
  • The article does not have the tone/voice/style the customer is looking for
  • The article needs more useful information or research

Two ways to check revision requests: 

1. Attached redline documents

You’ll receive an email notification with the attachment in it.


You’ll also see it in the Attached files on the assignment page, right above the Voice Profile.


2. In-line comments

  1. Editors and customers can leave comments in the article for any required changes. Here’s how you can see them:
    Click the Message icon in the toolbar

  2. Click on the highlighted text in the article. You need to check every section of highlighting to make sure you don’t miss any revision notes.
  3. When you click on the highlighted text, a note will appear in the sidebar on the right. This contains the revision note from the editor or customer. 

If you want to reply to the note, just enter your text in the box and click Save.


Important things to remember about revisions

  1. You need to address all of the revision notes from the customer or editor. 
    Note: If you fail to address the same issue several times, we will have to reassign the piece and the payment will be sent to another writer.
  2. If you have concerns about a revision, don't hesitate to contact us writersupport@tempestamedia.com.