Tax FAQ's

Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked tax-related questions

I have submitted my tax form. When will I be able to work on assignments?

Thank you for your submission. You can work on assignments in the meantime. 

Per the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), we are required to collect this form from all contractors before payment can be made. We confirm submitted IRS W-9 forms within 3-10 business days.

Taxes were withheld from my payout when they shouldn't have been. What should I do?

The IRS determines whether your payouts should be taxable based on your W-9 form. You may be subject to backup withholding if you fail to provide a correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) when required or if you fail to report interest, dividends or patronage dividend income. We recommend contacting the IRS directly.

What tax reports will be handled for me?

We submit the 1099 form before Jan. 31 of each year. It will be delivered via email or mail — you can choose between these options when you fill out your payment information.


You can also change the delivery method on the Information > Payment information page. Click Submit.


After clicking on your preferred delivery method, choose Click here to change.


A 1099 will be sent if your income is over $600 according to IRS requirements.

You will find your 1099 statement on Information -> Payment information -> Submit page

You can download the report from your account: