Understanding the assignment instructions

In order to review the assignment instructions, go to Assignments > Content Submission and Status and click on the three dots in the Details column:


With every assignment on Tempesta Media, you will find:

  • Due date & time
  • Assignment title
  • Readability level
  • Assigned article word length
  • Assignment type
  • Assignment instructions
  • Voice Profile instructions 

If you can’t see the assignment instructions, click the arrow button to show the section.


Important notes to remember about assignments

1. Meeting the deadline is vital. 

Keep in mind that customers also have deadlines to meet. If you need more time to complete an assignment, please contact Writer Support or request an extension.


2. Make sure you meet the word count for the assignment. 

You can go over the word count. Ideally, the editors ask that you try to exceed the word limit by around 10% to provide them leeway to cut/edit your copy.


3. Read the assignment instructions. 

The editors will look at whether you have included all of the key points and followed all of the instructions to provide what the customer is looking for. If not, they will send your article back to you for revision. It's important to cover all the key points and include all the sources mentioned in the instructions.

4. Focus on the key points rather than mentioning them in passing.

If a customer creates a key point, they are expecting that idea to be one of the main parts of the article.

Here’s an example:


This can easily be said as a supporting statement, but since it’s a main point, you should expand on this idea: Why should the reader think about it? How should they approach it? How early/how long should they consider this point before making a decision? 

5. Don’t forget about subpoints and unique asks.

These are just as important as the main points. Here are a few examples.



This can also easily be said as a supporting statement, but it requires a little more detail to present readers with the most value and knowledge. Why should their time be spent that way?


This is a unique ask. The customer wants the article optimized for this keyword phrase. This is just as much a part of the instructions as the main key points.

If you fail to meet the customer’s requirements after several rounds of revisions, we will have to reassign the article to another writer and you will not be paid.


6. The Voice Profile™  

This section contains valuable information about the customer and their offerings, their audience, their content preferences and goals, and more.  

You need to review the entire Voice Profile to get a comprehensive understanding of the customer, but you also need to pay special attention to certain areas:

  • Important Notes at the top 
  • Website URLS of top three competitors
  • Audience
  • Paragraph style preference (single sentence; short and snappy, 2-3 sentences; or mid-length, 3-5 sentences)
  • How often there should be a sales pitch and how hard or soft it should be
  • Additional preferences to include within the content (hooks/ledes/footnotes/hyperlinks)
  • SEO strategy
  • Writing perspective and tone for the content 
  • Any deviations from AP Style and additional details to be aware of

Read more about the Voice Profile™ 

7. Other notes for your assignment

  • We automatically grant one-day extensions for regular assignments in the first instance. In the second instance, we require a valid reason to extend the assignment. You can click Request extension at the bottom of the page.


If you don't understand the instructions or have questions about the customer’s services/products, always reach out to writersupport@tempestamedia.com. Click Ask question at the bottom of the page. 


You can also click Need help in the bottom right corner.