What are Curated Content posts?

Curated Content are social posts that share third-party content with commentary in order to position the customer as a thought leader in the industry. 

Why are Curated Content posts useful to clients?

  • Positions the company as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Allows to keep up with the recommended social posting volume without every post being original content (which can be hard to keep up with).

Social Posts Goals: 

  • Drive conversation and interactions.
  • Encourage web traffic back to their site.
  • Drive brand awareness for the client.
  • Educate the audience on topics they would find interesting.

In order to create successful curated content you need to:

  • Review the detailed instructions provided (number of posts for each social platform, keywords, hashtags, deadline).
  • If needed to ask the writer's support for clarification before you start.
  • Visit clients’ social channels to acquire more information for future posts. This will help you to create unique posts.
  • You can see specific keywords or keyword phrases in the instructions boxes, please include them in the social posts.
  • If there are specific hashtags in the instructions, place them into the social posts (for example, #alarmmanagement, #metaverse, #hiringsolution).
  • Visit the third-party websites if they are in the instructions boxes. Please check it and do not leverage their articles to create social posts.

Rules for creating curated social posts for the customer:

  • The length and approach of each post will depend on the platform for which it’s intended. The verbiage for each should be different, even the resource or link or content is the same. 
  • For Twitter, it is one, max two short sentences with CTA (call to action: discover more, etc.) & 1# hashtag. Less than 280 characters.
  • Tone: Casual
  • Audience: The audience is casual and looking for quick exciting information. Demographic - 20s-30s
  • For Facebook - 3-4 sentences in addition to CTA (Learn more, read more here, etc). 1-2 #hashtags if appropriate. 
    • Audience: Mixed audience of professionals and casual readers. Demographic Mid 20s- 40s
    • Tone: Informal leaning towards casual
  • Linkedin - The longest one. Can be 3- 4 sentences with CTA. Needs to include 2 #hashtags. 
    • Tone: Professional
    • Audience/Demographics: Professionals looking to connect with like-minded industry peers. Usually aged mid 30s+

Each URL should be pasted below the text as a stand-alone link.

Insert  #end#  after each post - This tells the platform that the post has ended so that we can automatically schedule them for posting once approved by the client. 

NOTE: Remember that each social post should be targeted at educating the audience only. CTAs should be kept simple such as “Learn More” or “Read more here” Etc rather than a direct CTA to the client. 


  • Check Voice Profile for the customer’s requirements before starting research on the links. When you find an appropriate link, review the article and create a post, according to the main thought of the article.
  • Use links, that are relevant, interesting, and actual to the customer's product or services.
  • Links must be no older than 3 months. If no other information is provided in the Voice Profile. if you can't find links that are within the 3 month period, reach out to writer support for approval to extend the time period or for assistance.
  • Be careful to avoid competitors. When in doubt check the services that our client offers vs the company you are linking to, if they are similar then avoid them. If still in doubt don’t use those. 
  • Content can not be gated, meaning that the website you are posting to can not require the reader to subscribe, download or purchase anything to read the content.  Be cautious as well of those sites that allow only a certain number of posts free. These can be used but sparingly and only if the post is interesting enough to be worth it.