What can I find or update on my Settings and Preferences page?

Your Settings and Preferences page allows you to select common content features you’ll be using on your content orders. It will then autofill these selections into your order forms to save you time and effort later.

Let’s take a look at what presets you can select.

Industry and Industry Segment 

Your Industry and Industry Segment will help us select the writers that best fit your needs as well as identify the audience you want us to target. 


If your industry is not available, please choose the most similar option and let us know so that we can expand our list and make it more inclusive.

Type of Content  

Tempesta Media offers a wide range of content types. However, we understand that most marketing programs are designed around the one or two core content types ordered most frequently, supported by other types. Choose your core content type here. Your choice will auto-populate on the Custom Content form to save you time later. 


*Note: This doesn’t lock you in to that content type. You can easily update your choice on the order form when it doesn’t apply. 

Minimum # of Words 

Choose the minimum word count you will most commonly use. 


Note that this also determines the cost of your blog. If your writer goes over this word count, you won’t be charged additional credits unless it’s a major change and we have your prior approval. If you have a maximum word count that you need your writer to adhere to, please specify this in your instructions. 

If you’re unsure of which word count to choose, here are some industry standards for reference: 

  • Blogs: 800–1,000 words
  • eGuides: 1,200–1,500 words
  • eBooks: 2,000–5,000


Your readability score determines how easy or difficult your content will be to read. It’s important to match this to the audience you’re looking to reach so they feel connected to your content. 


Content Sources Preference

Every great piece of content is supported by thorough research and reputable sources. But how do you want those sources to be attributed within your content? The industry standard is to link the sources within the text; however, if you prefer, we can easily list the sources at the end of the content. Select your preference here. 


Choose Primary Voice Profile

Select which of your Voice Profiles you will most commonly use for content. If you tend to switch between several, you can also leave this field blank. 


Select a Content Template 

If you find yourself routinely entering the same information for each article, it may benefit you to create a Content Template that you can then load from the top of your Custom Content form. 


Enable 14-Day Review Period

As a standard, all articles have a 7-day review period to submit revisions and provide feedback. If you need additional time, you can enable our 14-day review period for either all assignments or select assignments. 


Please note that enabling this feature will authorize a small fee of 5% of the content cost or $10, whichever is less. This fee is designed to compensate the writer for the additional time as they are not paid until the content is approved.

Reset Your Password

Resetting your password is now even easier. Just enter your new password in the text box, hit Save, and you’re good to go.