What is Custom Content?

Just as the name implies, Custom Content refers to orders of individual content pieces customized to your exact needs.

You provide us with details on what you are looking for such as topic, style, and approach, and then your writers match that request to your Voice Profile to create content that speaks directly to your audience. 

How to Order Custom Content

To make it easier to order Custom Content we have created a quick and simple order form to help guide you through the information your writers will need. 

To find this order form, choose Order -> Custom Content from the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard.


Basic elements of the order form

Creating effective assignment instructions

Specific elements for some our most popular content types 

Additional features and Add-ons for Custom Content Orders

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will I have to wait for content?

Your expected content turnaround time is determined by the length of your content. For content of 700 words or less your first draft should be expected within five to seven business days. Please add one business day for each additional 100 words beyond this.

I have a large amount of content that I need, but I don’t have time to write out instructions for each. Can I order them all at once? 

Yes! Instead of using our Custom Content Order form, you can order an Editorial Calendar instead. This allows your writers to create the outlines for you, and then once approved they are scheduled in advance for you with no additional forms needed. For more information please review our How to Order an Editorial Calendar guide. 

I normally order content for the customer side of my business, but I need content for my B2B. How do I let my writers know? 

Creating content for multiple lines of business or multiple client types can seem daunting. However with customized Voice Profiles for each audience type, it is easy to let your writers know exactly whom to target and how. You can order additional Voice Profiles directly from your order menu. For more information and tips on Voice Profiles please see our Optimizing Your Voice Profile guide. 

I don’t know how long I need my content to be. How do I decide that? 

Here is a quick guide to our most common content types and their industry standard length: 


Content Type

Industry Standard Word Count


800 words


2,000 words


5,000-10,000 words

Product Description

300 words