Writer Auditions: What are they and what do you need to know to nail them?

In order to join a customer team, you need to submit an audition and the customer needs to approve it.

Table of contents:

  1. What is a writer audition?
  2. How do auditions work?
  3. When do I get an audition?
  4. How much time will I have to complete an audition?
  5. How do I know if I was accepted to the team?
  6. What happens if the customer doesn't choose me for the team?
  7. How do I write a good audition article?

What is a writer audition?

A writer audition is your chance to try out for a customer’s team and start receiving assignments from that company on an ongoing basis. We know that some of the hardest parts of any writing career are not only knowing how to approach the nuances of a customer’s style and voice but also matching them in a way that impresses the client and keeps them coming back for more. 

That’s why Tempesta Media gives you a chance to join dedicated writing teams rather than just assigning content to any writer available. Once you join a team, you’ll be one of a select group of writers who will write for that customer consistently. The longer you stick with a team, the more familiar you will become with their Voice Profile™ and their company. What does this mean for you? Ultimately, it will be easier to meet customer expectations, and it can even reduce the amount of company background research you need to do for each piece.

How do auditions work?

For each audition, you will complete a short 300-word article based on a topic of the customer’s choosing. As with any article you complete for us, you will have access to the customer’s Voice Profile to help you better understand their company and style preferences.

We strongly suggest that you review this profile and the instructions thoroughly before you begin. Your submission will go through editing like normal. However, unlike regular articles, auditions do not get revisions. So, make sure your first draft puts your best foot forward and addresses all of the requirements.

The customer will receive auditions from 6-8 writers, and from this group, they’ll select their team. They typically choose 2-4 writers from each audition batch.

Regardless of whether you are accepted on the team, you will be paid for the writer audition the same as you will be paid for regular assignments, unless you volunteered to take part in a free audition.

When do I get an audition?

Customers order writer auditions under a few circumstances:

  • When they begin their content marketing program with Tempesta Media.
  • When they want to start producing content for a new industry they work in.
  • If they want to scale their content production.
  • If they simply need more expert writers. 

Every time a customer needs an audition, we create a list of participants based on the following:

  • Writer experience.
  • Level of expertise.
  • Writing style.
  • Pay rate in relation to the customer's preferences.
  • Writer rating.

If you are a new writer, we try to include you in as many auditions as possible. 

How much time will I have to complete an audition?


Since auditions are short articles, you will have one business day to complete the audition assignment.

How do I know if I was accepted to the team?

All audition participants receive an automated email indicating that their assignment has been approved. However, this does not mean that the customer has picked you for their team. Our system has to mark every assignment as “Approved” so that you get paid for your work. 

You will know whether you are accepted to the team based on the customer’s feedback or if you simply start to receive new assignments from this customer.

What happens if the customer doesn't choose me for the team?

Customers choose writers who match their brand voice most closely. If you were not chosen, this doesn't mean your expertise or writing skills are not good enough. The customer is simply looking for a writer with a different writing style.

We will arrange more auditions for you, but this will take some time. We have to find other customers who fit your expertise and who currently need more writers. In some cases, we don’t have existing customers who fit that description, meaning that we will have to wait for the opportunity to arise.

If you are a new writer, we will set up three writer auditions for you. If you don't get on any teams within three auditions, we will stop offering you as a potential writer for customers.

How do I write a good audition article?